Benefits of Remote Access


Radio Alarms can install a security system encompassing all the latest technology.

  • Wireless GSM cellular network to maintain a secure proven connection to your home security system. Cellular monitoring is the fastest and best type of monitoring available. No land line required.
  • New crash and smash technology to ensure no one can destroy your system before it sends a signal to the central station.
  • Includes two-way voice with central station for hands free communication.
  • Free mobile apps for all the major smart phones. Control your security system with your virtual keypad built into your smart phone app.
  • Receive video monitoring clips from your home to check up on the kids, visitors or pets.
  • New emPower™ energy management that allows you to have remote control and intelligent automation of lights, thermostat and door locks.

Here are a couple of examples of how Radio Alarms can tie everything together to give you a superior interactive better security system.


During the night while you are sleeping one of your low voltage smoke detectors senses smoke in the hallway……….

  1. Alarm sounds to wake to up.
  2. Signal is sent to central station and fire department is dispatched.
  3. Thermostat/air handler is turned off preventing harmful smoke from spreading throughout the house.
  4. Lights turn on so you can safely find your way out of the house.
  5. Door locks open so you can get out and fire department can get in.
  6. Text messages sent to family and friends.
  7. Central station contacts you via two-way voice from the master panel to help get you and your family out safe.


You are the last to leave the house in the morning and arm the system………

  1. Thermostat automatically raises temperature – saving energy and you money.
  2. Lights turn off – saving energy and you money.
  3. Can send text message to significant other to let them know you have left.
  4. All or some of these features can be set up with your Radio Alarms consultant.
  5. Once set up all these interactive features happen automatically behind the scenes saving you time and money.