South Florida Loves Radio Alarms

Review 1

I would like to say that thanks to radio alarms we were able to get the most state of the art system at a price that was so much cheaper than the basic system two other alarm companies wanted to sell us. This is the best system at the best price with the nicest guys backing it up. If you need an alarm, or have one you want to upgrade, don’t miss out, call these guys and at least get a quote. When you see what they offer you’ll be amazed. Angies’s List

Review 2

I dealt with Dave Pearson at Radio Alarms and I could not be more pleased.  He is professional and friendly, and was willing to spend the time to explain all my options.  The system I chose has the latest and I might add coolest technology.  It it is priced similar to the “big guys” basic system.  Oh yeah,  his monthly monitoring prices were way less that the the big guys to. Best of all, Radio Alarms is a local company and I love supporting my community. Angies’s List

Review 3

David is just a nice guy, I felt comfortable speaking with him and I never  felt he was talking over me and  making the “sales pitch.”. After I explained what I wanted, he checked my system and the offered a professional opinion with solutions that fit my needs and budget. I never felt he was trying to push expensive equipment or perform unnecessary repairs. Within 5 minutes he knew the alarm battery was gone and replaced it. He checked all the secure areas and noted that the old alarm system wiring was not working. He provided a couple of solutions, with the pros and cons of each, and I was able to make an informed decision. He told me that the wireless system would be ordered on the following Monday and installed on Tuesday. He told me exactly what would be included and the price and did not charge me for the visit. He emailed on Tuesday morning and told me he had the alarm system and we agreed on a time.  He was at my house exactly at 4pm which was the time we agreed and started work immediately. David is a dog lover and I have a real yapper. He was great with the dog which put me at ease. I was extremely pleased with his work and I would highly recommend his services. I am very happy!!!! Angies’s List

Review 4

Dave is by far the best alarm guy out there.  They installed the new system without any damage to my house and explained everything about the alarm.  After he left I had another question so I called him (it was after 5PM) and he answered the phone!  The 2GIG system is very cool.  It speaks to you and tells you when a door or window has opened.  I downloaded the app on my phone and now I can arm and disarm the alarm from anywhere. I am going to have Dave come back and install some wireless switches, so that I can also control my lights.  I am so happy with the system that I recommended him to my neighbors.  My one neighbor already had an alarm system and Dave was able to switch them over to his monitoring station without changing any of the hardware. Angies’s List

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