Benefits of Alarm Systems

The increasing cases of burglary, robberies and serious crimes have necessitated the development of High Tec security systems. In our homes and office buildings, it is crucial to have alarm systems in place for security alerts. Radio Alarms has distinguished itself for offering reliable and affordable radio alarm systems.

Technological advancements have facilitated the tremendous growth of \ alarm systems. Traditional wireless alarms required the installation of cables at strategic points in a building. Installing various cables of a single alarm mechanism is both taxing and expensive. Radio Alarms offers modern alarm technology whereby the alarm system of an entire building can be monitored from one major room without the need for multiple cabling.

Modern alarm systems are easier to install than the traditional hard wired systems. While the hard wired system may take months to install, our alarm systems are setup in a shorter amount of time. Radio Alarms uses battery powered devices which do not require cables to connect them to the main alarm system. This way, a single device could be installed in a room within half an hour.

For those who require alarm systems temporarily, you can count on Radio Alarms. In buildings where construction is underway, wireless alarm systems are crucial for fire detection. These systems are easy to install and withdraw without the need for any cable work.

Radio Alarms offers alarm systems with long battery life. In the past, the battery life of alarm devices was relatively short calling for replacements every now and then. However, modern alarm systems come with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries last for 5-7 years without having to replace them.

When looking for the ideal alarm systems company, there are certain factors to consider. These include professionalism and pricing. The staff at Radio Alarms consists of highly educated and experienced individuals. These professionals offer advice to clients on the appropriate systems for their individual needs. Moreover, the customer support staff is very welcoming to clients and assists them in sassing out the various options of alarm systems.

There are various kinds of alarm system connections. The pricing of alarm systems is dependent on the type of alarm system installation. One of the main products of Radio Alarms is the 2GIG Go Control. 2GIG GO is one of the best home alarm systems in the market. The main features of the 2GIG Go include, home automation, built in cellular GSM, full voice response, two-way voice over cellular, over the air firmware updates, 48 zones, multiple arming options, LCD touch screen and date, time and weather display.

Radio Alarms is one of the top renowned alarm systems companies in South Florida. With a professional work force, modern technology and affordable rates, you are guaranteed of maximum security at home, the office or any other building facility. If you would like more information give us a call at 561-741-3371 or contact us here.

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