TotalTrack GPS Tracking Device

Protecting what matters most - For Everyone Everywhere!

Get help anytime, anywhere for your family. Monitor and watch over your teenager’s driving habits and locations. Watching your children when you can’t be with them.

Emergencies can happen anywhere, with TotalTrack keep yourself and your loved-ones safe and protected wherever they may be.

How can TotalTrack protect my loved ones?


Here is just one story…

My father is 83 yrs old and still enjoys cross country skiing in the state parks. We always worried about him but now if something happens, we can always easily locate him on the Total Track portal or he can call for help if he injures a knee or something.

I watch a lot of those “Hoggers” shows where they are constantly losing their prized hunting dog during a hunt. If they had a Mobile PERS unit on each dog they would know where they were at all times and never loose a dog again. The perfect accessory for your “High Tech Red Neck”!

How about one in your suitcase when traveling?

On your boat on the water?

On your boat on the trailer? Get a text when it leaves your yard or dock (exits the geo fence).


How does it work?

In any emergency situation, your child is connected directly to our 24/7 emergency monitoring center where our highly trained operators can immediately determine the location and notify the appropriate authorities.

Our operators can also  instantly determine the appropriate first responder agency for the given location, contact them and provide the location as well as other relevant information such as medical history, prescriptions and allergies.

Our operators will also have access to the emergency contact list provided upon sign-up and notify them based on your request.


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